Friday, February 22, 2013

Capture your child doing the thing they love most

  I just adore the photos of kids looking so cute in their best attire, all clean and smiling, being on their best behavior what parent doesn't right?!  But I got to be honest with you, as much as I adore those photos (and mind you have I lots of shots like that with my kids) I absolute LOVE me some photos of kids in their element doing their "thang"
Here are some photos of my little man, he LOVES is bike very much and he also loves the red dirt hills directly behind our house, combine the two and he is in heaven!  
 photo riv2_zps14247293.jpg  photo riv4bw_zps49bcc951.jpg  photo riv3_zpsa3661d7b.jpg
So I have decided to offer a new and fun session just for that little person in your life...

 photo minisession_zps574fafaa.jpg
This particular type of mini session is to show case kids and the things they love whether it be riding their bike, playing a sport, playing a musical instrument, because of this the mini session is only good for one child, I will shoot for approximately 30 minutes, and then you will receive a full resolution CD with about 10 images. I am so excited to start doing some of these session, if interested in scheduling a session feel free to give me a call or email me!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beautiful day for a wedding

I got to shoot a wedding this last weekend and it turned out to be such beautiful day here in St George.  On top of it being a beautiful day I got to shoot a beautiful couple.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!!

 photo mace_0064_zps36d2a307.jpg  photo mace_0142_zpsec387deb.jpg  photo mace_0077_zpsd6866d68.jpg  photo mace_0153_zps6cad50cf.jpg  photo mace_0117INLOVE_zps3bdf0fd2.jpg  photo mace_0148_zpsd431f75e.jpg  photo mace_0094_zps4d792bcc.jpg  photo mace_0088_zpsc9593804.jpg  photo mace_0090_zpsbf6788a3.jpg  photo NBP_0011_0169_zps9a3e18e4.jpg  photo NBP_0013_0171soft_zps5fcc4907.jpg  photo mace_0121_zps1d031df0.jpg  photo mace_0113bw_zps8826e8ee.jpg  photo mace_0057_zps28e12e39.jpg  photo mace_0053_zpsa1a099c3.jpg  photo mace_0029_zpsf04d53f6.jpg  photo mace_0104_zps8c468dde.jpg  photo mace_0005bw_zpsec72593c.jpg  photo mace_0014_zpsbb37acbc.jpg  photo mace_0021bw_zps5fe2601f.jpg