Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beautiful little Sage

 photo NBP_0088_zpsf1ccce78.jpg
I feel so lucky, I have had the opportunity to photograph two beautiful little newborns this last week, both in Cedar City one of my favorite places!  This little lady was so very sweet and such a good model.  Thank you for letting me spend some time with you guys.
 photo NBP_0196bwtexture_zps1fe14eaf.jpg  photo NBP_0164_zps6d0b7247.jpg  photo NBP_0178_zpsea2db0be.jpg  photo NBP_0185_zps22ffda24.jpg  photo NBP_0083bw_zps2f4ef74e.jpg  photo NBP_0124_zps90376a03.jpg  photo NBP_0104bw_zps5d07502e.jpg  photo NBP_0050_zpsb32e48c1.jpg  photo NBP_0142_zps6fa8afa0.jpg  photo NBP_0044bw_zps407d4e98.jpg  photo NBP_0176_zps025280be.jpg  photo NBP_0062_zpsb56c11ce.jpg  photo NBP_0018_zpsd16e6d61.jpg  photo NBP_0193texture10x20crop_zps0a163cd5.jpg

Friday, August 9, 2013

Sweet little Norah

 photo call_0093_zps13bed546.jpg
Oh boy was little 10 day new Norah such a sweetheart!  I am so glad I got to spend part of my day with her and her awesome family.  Let me just say that this poor dad has his work cut out for him with these three beautiful girls.  I must confess that I have the hardest time picking favorites especially when my subjects are so cute.  So here you go, a bit overboard none-the-less but oh well ;)
 photo call_0159a_zpse448e1b7.jpg  photo call_0107_zpsb7f284ee.jpg  photo call_0147_zps88d11c92.jpg  photo call_0137_zps36a7d7a1.jpg  photo call_0118summer_zpsddd8b3a0.jpg  photo call_0094_zpsb32f2f0a.jpg  photo call_0126_zps076a95ad.jpg  photo call_0077_zps908f0719.jpg  photo call_0070bw_zps7d81dd42.jpg  photo call_0035_zps8ab246ff.jpg  photo call_0043bw_zps666c50d3.jpg  photo call_0056_zpsc0c00e3e.jpg  photo call_0021summer_zps76f76048.jpg  photo call_0180_zps8b8b9c16.jpg  photo call_0187_zpsd94df35c.jpg  photo call_0304summer_zps30e9731e.jpg  photo call_0279bw_zps1f595e45.jpg  photo call_0194_zps6d6b56da.jpg  photo call_0201_zps7f9df339.jpg