Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ms "B" is the bomb {St George Senior Photographer}

 photo NBP_0122_0247_zps878a5fd1.jpg
Ok, so I just LOVE this beautiful senior!  During my husbands last deployment, she became one of my best go-to babysitters, and my kids loved her too.  Since we moved I don't get to see her nearly as frequently as I would like but I am so glad we were able to get together to do some senior photos for her.  I can't believe she is graduating.  
 photo brooke_0158summer_zpsea0b2b28.jpg  photo NBP_0062_0187_zps465e8f16.jpg  photo NBP_0016_0141bw_zps52f6b341.jpg  photo brook_0149_zps2b0e1368.jpg  photo NBP_0068_0193texture_zpscad3da3d.jpg  photo brooke_0105bw_zps31b02aaa.jpg  photo brooke_0215_zpsd3bd9644.jpg  photo brooke_0082_zps5b0e0f58.jpg  photo NBP_0074_0199_zpsf4e790f5.jpg  photo NBP_0041_0166_zpsc38743ad.jpg  photo brooke_0112bw_zps8535a639.jpg  photo brooke_0066bw_zpsd64c503e.jpg

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our special friend Walter.

We have a special nephew in our family named Maddox.  Maddox was born with HLHS (hypoplastic left heart syndrome), basically he was born with half a heart and at the tender age of almost 4 he has already had something like 4 open heart surgeries.  Later down the road he will eventually need a heart transplant.  Maddox LOVES the muppets and the muppet Walter has become his special buddy.  This is what Maddox's mom says
"Maddox loved it (the muppet movie), and Walter was his favorite. He called himself 'Walter muppet' for awhile. When the Disney store finally had a Walter and Maddox saw it, he loved it. It was one of those things I couldn't say no to. Walter has been his buddy since, and has gone to many appointments and hospital procedures. He even has his own hospital bracelet on his ankle (so he doesn't get lost)."
Here is Maddox with Walter at one of Maddox's many hospital visits, they are so cute together!
 photo maddox_zps843cd4a9.jpg

We don't get to see these guys all the time though cause we live about 4 hours away from Maddox and his family. My husband Jason, however, gets to go up and see them about once a month. He is a Chief Warrent Officer in the Army National Guard and he has been doing some special training near where they live. Each time Jason goes up Maddox has been so nice as to let Jason "hang out" with Walter. Jason and Walter have become fast friends, buds through and through, Walter even went with Jason to guard one day

   photo walter_zps50a7981c.jpg
Well, it has been a few weeks since Jason has "hung out" with Walter. You just can't keep good friends apart so Walter ended up flying down this last weekend to come on a quick camping trip with the fam. Here is Jason greeting Walter at the airport  photo walter3_zps90bba0d9.jpg Walter was such a great helper setting up camp. The kids loved having him around, Canyon may have been exhibiting a little bit of jealousy (pitching the tent poles is usually his job) but he got over it quick enough.  photo walter_zpsf176e426.jpg After Camp was all set up we headed down to the Virgin River to have a little fun playing around. Walter had a great time getting his toes wet. We were so excited he could come down and visit and we look forward to his next visit. I think there was even some fun plans in the works for this upcoming weekend!  photo walter2_zps8ba30178.jpg

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Baby "J"

 photo welch_0059_zpsbc9d0f96.jpg  photo welch_0023_zpsbf7f95c3.jpg
I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with this new little guy.  He was such a good little guy too,  He was wide awake the first little bit so I was able to snap one with his big eyes and then he was fast asleep.  I love that I get to meet these new little ones!!
 photo welch_0027_zps0cc34c6e.jpg  photo welch_0006antique_zps4586fdd1.jpg  photo welch_0065bw_zps2257fe99.jpg  photo welch_0069bw_zps238ec851.jpg  photo welch_0054texture_zpsc61f6120.jpg  photo welch_0031_zps03a0e263.jpg  photo welch_0047_zpsbca992a6.jpg  photo welch_0040_zpsa74b0bc7.jpg check out that sweet bowtie  photo welch_0008_zpse8cbbd6b.jpg